How to Hire an Offshore Development Team for Startups?


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To achieve perfection in any task, any project or any challenge, the primary concern is to find the right answer for the question, “HOW?”. In other words, how to organize? How to schedule daily tasks? How to acquire funds?  How to hire the right person? How to hire an offshore development team? If these questions find the correct path, they can ensure success of any aim you wish achieve.

The emergence of 2024 has been claimed to be another year where the software industry will see itself rising. For any startup, who wish to flip their luck in this industry needs to carefully analyze it’s trends.

When the time comes to pick up the right people to do the job, your reliable partners can be an offshore software development company ,they will pick talent from different countries who will then work on your project with desirable mind-set. Such companies believe in filtering skills and then pick out the best for you.

The offshore development partners will minimize your efforts and maximize your outputs. They will build a team for you based on your requirements and handle its functioning. As a result, it will guarantee that you are investing your limited available resources on the right set of offshore developers, whose aim is to give you quality services within the given time-frame.

What is an offshore software development company?

By the term “offshore” we mean, people working in different time zones. In other words, it can be said to be a collaboration between client and remote developers. To save time and cost, companies either hire individual freelancers or an entire team through another dedicated company.

Basically, companies who provide offshore development services have individuals or development teams who are then hired as an extension by different companies to do the needful job, it may for a short term or a long term collab, depending upon the requirement.

It can also be defined as practice where companies hire dedicated development team from different regions based on their requirements in order to gain additional tech support at lower rates.

The role of the offshore development company is not limited to hiring of a team, they are also expected to manage all the legal tasks associated with it. They also look after the overall supervision and timely progress of the productivity which is brought by the offshore web developers.

But another questions that arises here, is outsourcing cost effective? Will it wise to bring in developers from different regions? If such questions bother you, our next topic will give you insight about how outsourcing can prove to be instrumental for your startup.

Is outsourcing a better choice than in-house hiring for Startups?

The term ‘outsourcing’ means hiring a third party outside the company to perform a task, in other words, a dedicated team hired to do a dedicated project. Traditionally, the in-house employees are expected to do the overall tasks of the company, but with age of evolution of technologies, this mindset is far left behind. Now individuals are hired apart from the regular in-house employees, also known as the additional workforce.


Now coming back to the initial question, is outsourcing better? Well, CyanicLab says ‘yes’ to this question. But rather than relying on a vague statement we want you to be aware of why is it a better choice for you.

  • Reduced Cost

Outsourcing can prove to be your winning card, when it calls for survival in the era of competition. It can be a tremendous tool to know the right place of investing your resources.  

Generally, an offshore development partner picks up developers from regions where cost of living and currency exchange is favorable. Thus, leading to lower investment in generating human workforce.

  • Acquiring Global Talent

An outsource software development company handpicks talent from across the globe in a cost-effective manner. They find people with varied skill-sets and perspectives who then dedicate themselves to provide you with quality results. It becomes easier to find competent experts in the global pool of talent, thus making collaboration smoother and more efficient.

  • Focus On What’s Important

Hiring a dedicated software development team will give you the time and resources to manage the core functioning of the company. While the in-house developers can invest their inputs on several on-going projects, the offshore development team, without hampering the productivity can work on their assigned task meanwhile, the company can enhance itself to be more strategic in their operational details.

Thus, outsourcing offer access to specialized talent and cost-effectiveness. But before outsourcing your work to a partner, it is also important that you are fully aware about the process of hiring the right staff, or you may also refer to IT Team augmentation process.

Why Should Hire Offshore Developers for Startup?

Every decision has its own positive as well as negative effects, below listed are the reasons of why you should hire offshore developers and how they can later prove themselves to be an invaluable asset.

  1. Fixed Budget

Different companies have different prices in regards to the offshore development services. Therefore, companies can recruit people from countries which can fit right into their budget.

They can also avoid unnecessary expenses of renting an office, setting up an infrastructure and providing payroll benefits as given to in-house employees. Quartz reports that 37% of startups fail because they run out of money, thus, to focus on the long-term growth of your startup, it is important that you invest in the right outsourcing company.

  1. Increased Productivity

In this competitive era, time is a prominent factor for any newborn startup. An offshore development company will cater to all the extra needs of the organization while allowing you to work more hence leading to more productive hours.

Managing and hiring a dedicated team of software developers can be tricky for any startup, you can also ease your confusion by reading manage remote team for startup.

  1. Flexibility

An offshore development team offers you flexibility of working hours as well choosing people. Not only this, it gives startup a free-hand to adjust their workforce based on the current needs, while avoiding long-term commitments. You can also select people with specialized expertise, thus saving your resources that could have used in training in-house employees.

  1. Continuous Development Cycle

Working in different time zones, can be a boon or a bane depending on how you utilize it. The round-the-clock development will accelerate the project timeline as when one team member will stop working, the other will start, thus enabling you to develop a product that can be introduced in the market more quickly.

Another question that can make you wonder, is how to know that you are hiring what is best for you? A reliable outsourcing partner will take care of this and make sure that you are augmenting the right talent. For this, you can also refer to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team.

Essential Checklist Before Hiring Developers for Your Startup

Below mentioned are few of the essentials that are to be taken under consideration before you hire a developer.

  1. Define Your Business Goals

Ensure what you expect from a developer before you hire them, as it can be an instrumental decision for your startup. A systematic proposal, analyzing tasks, projects that can be outsourced, capital that is available for use, all such factors contribute in defining your business goals.

It is crucial that the talent you welcome into your organization, is completely aligned with your business goals. Having a proper knowledge of your expectations and vital details can make the communication between you and the client much simpler.

  1. Evaluate Skill Set of the Project

Another essential factor is to identify the skills that you desire a person to have for doing the job. Once you know the area of specialization you want to excel in, the hunt for the right man becomes easier. This will also reduce wastage of resources and you will save yourself from investing in an unfit entity.

  1. Plan the Budget

Before entering the game, it is important that you plan and manage your finances accordingly. This will not only cater your current needs but also add an insight of what is left for utilization in the future.

If you have gone through the above data, you must be well aware till now about how you can hire a dedicated team for your startup, but now is it enough to know how? Aren’t you curious about the places you can hire them from? The next topic will give you an abundance of information about the best places from where you can hire an offshore developer.

Best Locations to Find Offshore Development Team

The need for hiring skilled developers is increasing tremendously with the constant change in technology. According to Statista Market Insights, the IT industry only, is generating a total revenue of 15.77% in the world economy, with South America, Asia and Eastern Europe known to be the top offshore destinations.

Why Choose Cyaniclab to Hire Offshore Developers for Your Startup?

While the market is flooding with developers and agencies that guarantee success without hampering quality, you as a growing startup need to be choosy while picking up a partner you can rely on. As you don’t welcome a stranger into your home, similarly shaking hands unknowingly is also not advisable when it comes to outsourcing your needs to a third party.

We here at CyanicLab believe in understanding your challenges and requirements before taking up any action. We also excel in seizing the right growth opportunities for your business, thus giving us the power to be one step ahead in the market. We have dedicated developers that can bring innovative as well impactful solutions for your project, hence taking your business one step closer to success.

Let’s connect and find ways to navigate your startup on the road of growth, making sure that you are investing in a seamless collaboration.

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