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Every business has certain pillars on which they operate, a company will become hollow if they are ignorant of these core principles. One such core principle is “Management”. Everything can shatter if operations are not dealt with utmost care and management. In this blog you will come across an effective strategy to Tips for Managing Remote Software Development.

Starting from the spark of the idea till reaching the point where you hire people, everything needs to be managed in order to save resources, which again is a very crucial part of running a healthy business.

People have expanded their creative horizons to another level, therefore companies, especially in this fast world, need to find ways to develop software which will as a result make them prominent players of the game. In order to do so, they need highly skilled developers who can turn their dream into reality.

Remote jobs or work from home, is the “new normal”. Developers of this generation prefer to work from their own comfort zones. A survey conducted by Buffer reveals that nearly 98% of remote workers desire to continue working remotely. But do you think managing a remote development team is easy? It is not everyone’s cup of team to manage an entire team who are working in different time zones, having varied challenges.

In this blog, you will come across the best practices for managing remote teams. A guide that will give you a complete overview about software project management covering all the challenges that can come in the way and the tools that can come in handy!

What is a Remote Team in Software Development?

The question itself justifies the answer, it means a group of individuals who are working from their own homes and are developing software for a company.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds, by remote team we mean, people working from different countries, varied time zones, diverse cultural background and unique skill sets.  Even managing a project with an in-house team has its own challenges, then what do you think is the right way to manage a remote team?

It all begins by hiring a competent team, for this, startup nowadays shake hands with offshore software development services, you can also refer to IT Team augmentation process.

However, no matter how well trained you are for any situation, certain obstacles in the way can still impact your progress, thus it is important that you prepare yourself for all the challenges that you may come across. Below are the few challenges that are usually faced while managing a remote team in a software development company.

Challenges in Managing Remote Development Teams

Everything comes with a price and its own challenges, so does managing a team that is spread across different countries. But don’t worry, we have listed all the mistakes below that you need to be careful about while managing a remote development team.

1. Unclear Vision

Here, communication is the key. It is one of the basic deciding factors of how you want the output of your project to look like. People joining hands from different cultural backgrounds often face linguistic as well as communication barriers, here comes the role of your project manager, the front face of your project who will also manage the remote teams. 

Expectations must be made clear to all so that the final result turns out to be a success rather than a disappointment. If the team is addressed with a desired goal they need to be thorough about the path you expect them to move on.

2. Maintaining Productivity

To excel in managerial skills, a good supervisor will always guarantee that his way of work is not being imposed on others.  Each individual has their own style of working, and that should always be accepted and respected as long as it is not harming the productivity of the expected delivery. This will also make the employee feel welcomed and hence will lead to constant productivity.

3. Time – Zone Differences

Opting for a remote development team brings its own set of challenges, but they are manageable with the right approach. One of the most significant managerial mistakes is failing to adapt the in-house team’s workflows to accommodate those of the remote team. Effective communication and collaboration across different time zones are crucial. It’s essential to schedule phone calls, video meetings, and overall meetups that account for these differences. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page without hindering productivity is key to maintaining efficiency despite the varied time zones.

4. Nurturing Remote Team Growth with Effective Feedback.

A stagnant attitude towards your professional life can handicap your opportunities of success. Giving and taking feedback, each has its own importance. As a manager of a wide team such as this, it is pivotal that you have interactive session with your team.  

Different people have different perspectives, it is important that they are heard and acknowledged. Similarly, managers are also expected to deliver constructive feedback and advice to their employees that will ultimately lead to improved efficiency. Isn’t working with efficiency a desirable aspect for any project?  

Leading software companies ensure that they conduct team meetings either on a weekly or monthly basis. This not only helps in maintaining a progressive relationship but also contributes to the overall success of the project as this allows the manager to keep a timely track record of the project.

5. Communication Barrier

When people from different backgrounds come together and work for a common goal, there are times when cultural as well as linguistic differences arise. Another method of effective leadership is ensuring that all the team members should feel connected at all times,a positive attitude will also lead to a healthy working environment, thus attracting clients from all over the world.

6. Tracking Progress and Productivity

The success of any industry depends on its effective team management. Another remote team solution is utilization of all the available managerial tools that are now introduced in the market. These technologies enhance the speed of communication and allow the supervisor to constantly track the progress of the project by getting real-time updates. If certain changes are required, they can be done on the spot rather than revising and going backwards again later, thus leading to minimal utilization of resources.

7. Ensuring Data Security

One of the best practices to manage remote development teams is to manage the security of the company, in terms of its data. It is critical that all the employees working should be well aware of the non-compliant activities that are to be avoided. This wil ensure protection of sensitive and adherence to rules and regulations.

8. Relying On Digital Communication

The manager should master the skill of effective communication, the messages provided by him should be clear and precise. The manager should be capable enough to mobilize his remote teams and focus on achieving the business goals. It can also be considered as one of the best remote work strategies.

In order to make sure that you excel in the goal you aim for, it is vital that a balance is maintained between the requirements and what is available. This can be done by following the best practices to manage remote development teams,this will also lead to enormous cost saving and successful project development.

Best Practices for Managing Remote Development Team

To attain success with your remote developer team, you need to have collaboration that is effective and productive. A team that is mismanaged can lead to failure of your developments, therefore hindering growth and success. Take a look at some of the best practices to manage your remote development team.

1. Communicate Goals Early

Being transparent about our expectations at the beginning of any project can give clarity to the developers about what needs to be done. This can ensure that any chaos and confusion that can later arise, is being dealt with already. This is also known as “identifying your needs”. This will include significant business objectives, project descriptions and working protocols.

2. Effective Communication Skills

Prioritizing open communication can create an environment where developers feel comfortable in asking questions and seeking guidance. Group as well individual sessions should be conducted with the team developers so that everything can be shared and discussed, as each insight can lead to productive inputs.

3. Establish Work Processes

A manager is observed to often neglect the involvement of all his team members, this may occur due to unavailability of the members at all times. It is easier to convey expectations when done at real time as with the in-house developers. Here, a wise manager will make sure that he is forming a detailed agenda that is precisely communicated to the remote development team. This will increase the possibility of success as a defined workflow will help us in achieving all the set targets.

4. Structured Work Environment for Team Members

A healthy and positive working environment is one of the basic expectations of any employee. Recognition of all the wants and needs of the team members is another approach for a systematic work environment. An environment where everybody is welcomed and respected can be considered to be an ideal place for any developer.

5. Take Advantage of Different Time Zones

Different time zones allies uninterrupted workflow as tasks can be passed between time zones to achieve round the clock operations.It can also allow us to cater the needs of international clients at all times. The emergence of different cultural mindsets can also increase creativity.

To make sure that you are sticking to these practices we also have the best tools mentioned below that will contribute to efficient virtual team management.

Best Tools for Remote Team Management

The rapid transformation of technologies has lead to the invention of tools that can make management of remote development teams convenient and time-effective.

  • Calendar App

This software will allow you to jot down your present and future plannings in a systemic way, not only this, but it will also be a gateway for maintaining previous work schedules as well as employee trends. This will turn out to be a common medium where the employees can keep track of the schedule they need to adhere to, may it be on a regular or weekly basis, All the tasks, deadlines, leaves can be rostered at a place that is accessible by all.

  • Zoom Meeting App

It is one of the best-video conferencing software available in the market. This allows managers to have face-to-face interactions with his team members at all times. This makes delivery of agendas both convenient and specific.

  • Slack

It is also widely known as a virtual office where all the hierarchies stay connected and convey messages in just one click. This ensures communication at any time without even bothering the person in real time.

  • Asana

This tool guarantees improved management where members can align agendas, assign tasks and report progress instantly.

  • G-suite

It is a tool introduced by google, also known as the productivity app for many businesses. G-suite includes gmail. Google Drive and Hangouts that together leads to effective and systematic communication.

Final Take on Managing Remote Team

In today’s global marketplace, businesses operate across diverse cultures and ethical standards. Companies adapt to their clients’ needs, and managers must do the same when building a successful remote team.

Managers need to understand what motivates each team member and what helps them stay productive. This guide aims to assist managers in creating and managing an effective, efficient, and enthusiastic remote team.

If you are looking for someone who can clear your cloud of confusion, Connect with CyanicLab, your trusted software development partner. We master in channeling all the best practices and assist you with remote team solutions. Our aim is to provide you with services that suit your interests while making sure that your dreams are fulfilled as if it was ours.

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