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Hire ReactJS developers who work as your team, understanding your project goals, and delivering exceptional results. Share your requirements, tech stack, seniority preferences, past experiences, and cultural fit—we have the perfect team of developers to succeed with your project.

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Cyanic Lab is a very reliable partner — they've proven capable of providing the right solutions to problems in a timely manner. What's more, they've been proactive in coming up with their own ideas and asking for feedback. The team is also flexible, optimistic, and organised.

Robin Henriksson

Cyanic Lab is not just the service delivery company. They actively participated in the brainstorming, and produced very creative and great solutions. They acted as they are part of the company and cared that we do things properly and in the most optimized way.

Mladen Sudar

ReactJS Combinations Tailored to Your Preferences.

React handles the front-end part of the application beautifully, but to handle data, authentication, and business logic, we need a solid back end. Hire a full stack React developer with expertise in integrating React with powerful backend frameworks to create scalable, high-performing applications. We have expertise in combining React with the following back-end technologies;

React + NodeJS

With React and NodeJS, we can leverage the benefits of server-side rendering, which improves performance and SEO. The ability to handle real-time data with NodeJS is another benefit, making React + NodeJS the perfect choice for developers looking to build scalable, interactive, and high-performance applications.

React + PHP

Create a full-stack development environment that is both powerful and efficient by pairing the asynchronous nature of ReactJS with PHP’s server-side capabilities. Let us know our vision, and with our expertise, we can provide tailored solutions for you leveraging both of the technologies.

React + Laravel

Hire a ReactJS programmer who is adaptable at leveraging the power of React and Laravel to build efficient, scalable, and reliable solutions. Additionally, our developers are highly adaptable to evolving trends in web development and are well-versed in these technologies.

React + Docker

The power of React, combined with the scalability and versatility of Docker containers, creates a seamless development environment that ensures consistent performance across different platforms. With our expertise, we can help streamline your development process and deliver exceptional results.

Benefits of Hiring ReactJS Developers from Cyanic Lab

We Know Our Stuff
Our developers bring years of experience developing front-end apps with React. Their seasoned knowledge and hands-on project experience ensure a smooth development cycle and high-quality code.
Timely Delivery
We strongly adhere to deadlines. Our developers break down tasks into manageable milestones ensuring the quality and deployment of the project within the agreed-upon timeframe.
Proven Track Record
Working with our clients to achieve their vision and build mutual success, we’ve been recognized as a reliable ReactJS development company in India for startups to large enterprises.
Commitment to Excellence
At Cyanic Lab, we focus on your success. We continually improve, and follow the best industry standards delivering excellence in every line of code.

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ReactJS Development 

Services We Offer

We specialize in ReactJS development services to create robust, efficient web applications with delightful user experiences. Trust our experienced full-stack web developers to enhance your web projects with reliable solutions.

ReactJS Product Development

Hire a ReactJS developer who has expertise in building digital products using the best Javascript frontend framework React. From a simple single-page application to a complex e-commerce application, we have a dedicated team to meet all your needs.

ReactJS Frontend Development

Build digital experiences that not only present your business but also create a lasting impression on your customers inspiring them to come back. We have expertise in developing front-end applications with React that are fast-loading and deliver a smooth user experience.

React Native App Development

Whether you want to make a transition from a ReactJS web application to a mobile or want to build a mobile app from scratch, we have the expertise to develop scalable, featured-packed applications that enable you to reach a wider audience.

ReactJS Website Migration

Is your existing website slow or unresponsive? Migrating your website to ReactJS can improve the speed, and provide a better user experience, ultimately boosting your conversion rate. We have the expertise to ensure a seamless migration from planning to conducting A/B to smooth transition.

ReactJS Enterprise App Development

Want to build complex enterprise applications that are feature-packed, responsive, and maintainable? With the capabilities of ReactJS paired with our expertise, you can get business-oriented enterprise applications ensuring faster time to market and exceptional performance.

ReactJS Integration

Whether you need a custom integration solution, third-party plugin integrations, React-based UI integration services, API integration, or payment gateway integration with ReactJS, we have a dedicated team of ReactJS developers with expertise in integrating React with existing systems and applications.

ReactJS UI/UX Development

We build dynamic, interactive, and responsive user interfaces delivering engaging user experience regardless of the device being used. We design a prototype helping you understand how the final design is going to look and feel. Based on the feedback the design is improved to meet your expectations.

ReactJS Plugin Development

We have expertise in custom ReactJS plugin development that can be seamlessly integrated within the ReactJS application enhancing their functionality. Whether you want to offer more payment options to integrate payment gateways or a simple form submission, we’ve got you covered with all your needs.

ReactJS Support & Maintenance

We are driven by a long-term partnership that goes beyond deployment. Hire dedicated ReactJS developers who can provide guidance and help to ensure that your ReactJS web application remains up-to-date, secure, and provides a great user experience.

Why Our Clients See Us As a Reliable Long-Term Partner

At Cyanic Lab, we believe in technology's potential to transform businesses. Seeing the success our clients experience and making a difference in their businesses motivates us. Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

  • Cyanic Lab is a very reliable partner — they've proven capable of providing the right solutions to problems in a timely manner. What's more, they've been proactive in coming up with their own ideas and asking for feedback. The team is also flexible, optimistic, and organised.

    — Robin Henriksson, CEO at Encyon AB
  • Cyanic Lab is not just the service delivery company. They actively participated in the brainstorming, and produced very creative and great solutions. They acted as they are part of the company and cared that we do things properly and in the most optimized way.

    — Mladen Sudar, CVO, Helioz Technologies
  • Cyanic Lab delivered a functional platform. Cyanic Lab's team delivered on time and was responsive to the client's needs. The client also praised the team's availability and commitment to their work.

    — Erik Krantz, CEO at Kreativa
  • They demonstrate excellent communication and programming skills.

    — Ville Rontti, Company Owner at HD SofT
  • I highly recommend Cyanic Lab and their team, led by Jas Khatri to anyone in need of top-quality development services. They are a group of dedicated developers who truly understand the needs of their clients and the industry. They are fast, reliable, and have excellent communication skills. The working atmosphere is great, and they consistently deliver fresh ideas and innovative solutions to problems. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them. Maybe one of the best collaborations in my career. ❤️😊

    — Renato Nenadić, Product Owner, Helioz Technologies
  • Cyanic Lab handled to deliver the platform despite the nature of prototyping. The team communicated well and was flexible in meetings. They were collaborative, and their decent code quality was impressive in the workflow.

    — Eric Heung, CTO at Chartipedia
  • After our first week, it's been easy to find trust in this company.

    — Benjamin Sernji, Founder at Digital Generalist OÜ
  • They are professional, good listeners, and offer good comments about requests, and committed to finishing the project. Great guys overall.

    — Robinson Nunez, President, Founder at Bostel Communication
  • Jas, Thank you for your work, you are very helpful and it was a pleasure to cooperate! I hope that we can collaborate again soon on something else.

    — Sofia Rrighetti, Company Owner at Stripez
  • Very professional, willing to listen, good command of English and committed to completing the job, HIGHLY recommend working with them

    — Martin Peet, IT professional

Hire ReactJS Developers to Benefit Your Project From Top-Notch Expertise

Looking for top-notch talent with specialized skills and experience in ReactJS? We have a dedicated team of full-stack web developers powered by years of experience and expertise working on ReactJS. We never stop learning and utilizing the latest technologies ensuring a competitive edge in the market with a modern and user-friendly application that impresses and retains your customers.

Competent in using Typescript, Jest, Swagger, Typeorm, Node-cache, Json-rules-engine, Elastic search engine, and Pdfkit.

Strong understanding of application testing through unit and integration tests, with experience in React Testing Library / Enzyme.

Familiar with programming languages including NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, React Native, HTML, CSS3, JSON-API, and REST Services.

Exceptionally proficient in front-end development using Object-Oriented JavaScript (ES5, ES6), leading JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as ReactJS, HTML, and CSS.

Experienced in the design and implementation of relational databases, specifically SQL Server.

ReactJS Team Augmentation


With our ReactJS staff augmentation services, you can hire experienced ReactJS developers to join your team and accelerate your development lifecycle. By having our developers work alongside your in-house team, you can leverage their skills and knowledge to enhance your project's efficiency and productivity. Whether you need additional resources for a short-term project or long-term collaboration, our ReactJS developers are ready to contribute to your success. As an extension to your team, our developers are directly reporting to you, adaptable to various time zones, and can communicate in a language you understand.


Hire the Top Full Stack Developers in 3 Simple Steps

We have simplified the steps of hiring a dedicated ReactJS developer in three simple steps. Here is how we ensure you match with the right talent.

Tell Us Your Requirements

Share your requirements including the scope and goals of your ReactJS development project. The more descriptive you can be, the better we can understand your needs and help you hire the right developer.

Screening the Finest Talent

We will review your requirements and shortlist the best developer for the job. You can conduct interviews with each developer to assess their skills and find out how well they match your expectations.

Onboard Your Developer

Once you have selected the right developer for your project. We will start by handling all the paperwork and contract-related issues so that your developers can get to work on your project immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ReactJS developers have a specific set of skills to help you realize the true potential of ReactJS for your project. Their skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript ES6 features, JSX, and more.

As long as your project requires. You can hire developers for short-term, and long-term projects. We have flexible hiring models to help you choose the best for you. Whether you want more resources for a few weeks or the complete period of your project, our developers are available to meet your specific needs.

If the developer you hire is not up to your expectations, we have a flexible and transparent process to listen to your concerns and take appropriate steps to address them which may include replacing the developer with a more suitable candidate or providing additional training and support. Your satisfaction is our top responsibility, and we aim to guarantee that you are completely satisfied with the skills and performance of our developers.

We assure the quality of the developers we hire through a stringent screening process. We thoroughly evaluate their skills, experience, and qualifications to guarantee they fulfill our high standards. Additionally, we allow you to conduct interviews with the shortlisted developers to evaluate their skills and determine if they are the right appropriate for your project.

At Cyanic Lab we have different engagement options to cater to the diverse needs of our clients from startups to large enterprises. We have the following engagement options; Dedicated developers, Hourly basis, Fixed based.

We are compatible with using any of the project management tools recommended by the client including Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, etc. Let us know which tool you are comfortable using, and we will start using the same.

We follow various measures to protect your intellectual property rights. We ensure strict privacy and sign non-disclosure contracts with our clients. Additionally, our developers are required to follow confidentiality clauses in their contracts.

The cost depends on several factors such as the developer engagement model, functionalities, number of resources working on your project, and more. Since these factors are different for each project, so does the cost. Let’s discuss with us to find out the actual cost of hiring ReactJS developers.
Jas Khatri
CEO, Founder Cyanic Lab

As the CEO of Cyanic Lab, I bring a passion for technology and a drive for innovation to the table. My extensive experience in the tech industry has honed my leadership skills and allowed me to build a company that delivers cutting-edge software solutions to clients.