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How to Hire an Offshore Development Team for Startups?

Date : 23 Jun 2024
Categories: Software Development Tips, Startup

To achieve perfection in any task, any project or any challenge, the primary concern is to find the right answer for the question, “HOW?”. In other words, how to organize? How to schedule daily tasks? How to acquire funds?  How to hire the right person? How to hire an offshore development team? I...

Tips For Hire Software Development Team

Date : 19 Jun 2024
Categories: Software Development Tips

The global business environment has undergone significant shifts following the COVID-19 pandemic. While internal teams remain indispensable, an increasing number of companies are adopting flexible talent models such as dedicated software development teams or remote development teams to optimize t...

Tips for Managing Remote Software Development

Date : 17 Jun 2024
Categories: Software Development Tips

Every business has certain pillars on which they operate, a company will become hollow if they are ignorant of these core principles. One such core principle is “Management”. Everything can shatter if operations are not dealt with utmost care and management. In this blog you will come across an e...

How to Hire Next.js Developers Remotely Within Your Timeline?

Date : 13 Jun 2024
Categories: Web Development

Next.js is one of the best frameworks based on React that supports full-scale web application development for all sizes of businesses. Its features like server-side rendering and enhanced SEO fueling its popularity. In May 2023, Vercel released Next.js 13.4. This brought with it the stable versio...

VueJs vs ReactJs: Which Framework is Best For Frontend in 2024

Date : 07 Jun 2024
Categories: Web Development

According to the JetBrains DevEcosystem 2021 Survey, developers regularly use React and Vue as the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Although each tool has its ideal use cases and addresses distinct business goals, both provide developers with a productive method for creating various web apps. ...

IT Staff Augmentation Process: A Guide for Startups

Date : 02 Jun 2024
Categories: IT Staff Augmentation, Startup

Being a startup owner, the biggest challenge is building and maintaining a team of skilled professionals who can build a strong foundation for your startup’s success. IT outsourcing services are among the best ways to find skilled professionals at affordable prices. These services help you ...

What is Laravel And What’s new in Laravel 11

Date : 30 May 2024
Categories: Web Development

Laravel has significantly changed the world of web app development. It simplifies SDLCs and provides a wealth of updates from which an expert can select.  Get your hands on Laravel to create a maintainable and scalable app. The various PHP framework updates will make it simpler, faster, and ...

What Is Healthcare SaaS Software: A Complete Guide 2024

Date : 26 May 2024
Categories: Healthcare, SaaS Development

Technology is influencing almost every sector, and healthcare is not an exception. According to a survey by the College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME), 63% of healthcare organizations use 6 or more  SaaS solutions. From the patient portal, and telemedicine to mobile comm...

Sweden Best Food Delivery App Development

Date : 24 May 2024
Categories: Software Development Tips

We live in the era of food delivery apps, and this is quickly becoming a popular trend. Census data from some recent surveys reveal that 86% of Americans have tried food delivery apps. A further 53 percent said takeout and food delivery are essential to their daily lives.  In Statista resear...

Expert Guide to Choosing the Right Tech Stack for Your Startup

Date : 20 May 2024
Categories: Startup

Do you know that 63% of startups fail? That’s equal to 6 out of 10 startups.  Startup failure could be caused by numerous reasons like high investment expenditure, fierce competition, and choosing the inappropriate tech stack for your startup. In the startup world, technology is more than a ...