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Hire dedicated Laravel developers handpicked for you. We have a vast pool of developers to help you choose the best one for your project. With our expertise, you can expect top-notch Laravel development services to bring success to your project.

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Cyanic Lab is a very reliable partner — they've proven capable of providing the right solutions to problems in a timely manner. What's more, they've been proactive in coming up with their own ideas and asking for feedback. The team is also flexible, optimistic, and organised.

Robin Henriksson

Cyanic Lab is not just the service delivery company. They actively participated in the brainstorming, and produced very creative and great solutions. They acted as they are part of the company and cared that we do things properly and in the most optimized way.

Mladen Sudar

Partner With a Leading Laravel Development Company, Where Vision Meets Execution

Partner with Cyanic Lab to bring your Laravel project to life meeting your goals and exceeding your expectations. We have a team of top PHP Laravel developers who offer top-notch services from designing, and development to deployment to maintenance of your project.

Laravel Development

Hire dedicated Laravel developers who excel in the framework to build robust, scalable, and secure web applications. We can handle all aspects of Laravel development, so you can focus on the growth of your business.

Code Migrations

Cyanic Lab has the expertise to migrate your existing application to the Laravel framework. Our Laravel backend developer can do the heavy lifting of code migrations to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruptions.


We have the skills to identify the areas of your application codebase that can be improved to boost performance, maintainability, reduce technical debt, and improve overall code quality using the refactoring techniques.

Development Standards

As a leading Laravel development agency, we maintain high development standards. We follow industry best practices, coding standards, and implement robust testing methodologies to ensure the scalability and security of your application.

Design Assistance

We also have a team of UI/UX designers to design user interfaces with a professional look and feel. At Cyanic Lab, we manage both the front-end and back-end parts of your application to guarantee its optimal functioning with a responsive user interface.

Code Review

Our dedicated Laravel developers examine the codebase to identify errors, bugs, and security vulnerabilities to ensure the optimal functioning of your application satisfying all your business needs.

Reasons to Partner With Us For Your Laravel Development Project

Experienced and Skilled Developers
Our Laravel developers have expertise working on Laravel development projects for startups to enterprises across industries like Laravel eCommerce development, real estate, fintech, etc. We have competence in working on different Laravel versions from Laravel 5.8 to Laravel 10, ensuring the best utilization of the framework functionalities.
Robust Security Measures
We utilize Laravel’s built-in security features like cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, and secure session management coupled with our expertise. We implement best security practices to protect your application from vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.
Positive ROI
We have a proven history of delivering successful Laravel development projects of all scales that bring positive ROI. Beyond development and deployment, we offer ongoing maintenance to make sure your application is performing optimally delivering the best user experience.
Excellence is our core philosophy. Each Laravel development project is a blank canvas for us waiting to be painted with excellence facilitating your business growth. We always listen to your feedback to ensure customer satisfaction and the best possible results.

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Laravel Development

Services We Offer

Every organization has different needs, and we have a vast range of Laravel development services to serve their needs. Our dedicated Laravel developers work with clients to understand their needs and suggest to them the best service that aligns with their needs.

Laravel Web Development

We have expertise in building web applications for both B2B and B2C businesses leveraging Laravel’s built-in features and libraries. You can outsource Laravel developers to work on your project to accelerate time to market with competitive features.

Laravel Application Development

We emphasize developing robust and highly scalable applications on the foundation of the Laravel framework. Using Laravel’s expressive syntax and libraries, we develop customized solutions tailored to your business needs.

Laravel Enterprise Application Development

Want to build an application that can handle large volumes of data and transactions? Leveraging Laravel's powerful queue system and event-broadcasting features, we can develop scalable enterprise-level applications with real-time data update functionality.

API & Module Development

Our developers can develop flexible and stable APIs that can be easily integrated with your existing system. With custom modules development, we can help you improve your application’s functionality tailoring to your unique requirements.

Laravel Extension Development

With our in-depth understanding of the Laravel framework, we can build custom Laravel extensions to expand the core functionalities of your Laravel project. These extensions can integrate with external APIs, services, or platforms to extend the core functionality of your application.

Laravel Upgrade Services

Upgrade your existing Laravel application to the latest versions to benefit from new features and improvements. Our developers can manage the version-specific changes to address the vulnerabilities, ensure compatibility, and optimize performance.

Why Our Clients See Us As a Reliable Long-Term Partner

At Cyanic Lab, we believe in technology's potential to transform businesses. Seeing the success our clients experience and making a difference in their businesses motivates us. Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

  • Cyanic Lab is a very reliable partner — they've proven capable of providing the right solutions to problems in a timely manner. What's more, they've been proactive in coming up with their own ideas and asking for feedback. The team is also flexible, optimistic, and organised.

    — Robin Henriksson, CEO at Encyon AB
  • Cyanic Lab is not just the service delivery company. They actively participated in the brainstorming, and produced very creative and great solutions. They acted as they are part of the company and cared that we do things properly and in the most optimized way.

    — Mladen Sudar, CVO, Helioz Technologies
  • Cyanic Lab delivered a functional platform. Cyanic Lab's team delivered on time and was responsive to the client's needs. The client also praised the team's availability and commitment to their work.

    — Erik Krantz, CEO at Kreativa
  • They demonstrate excellent communication and programming skills.

    — Ville Rontti, Company Owner at HD SofT
  • I highly recommend Cyanic Lab and their team, led by Jas Khatri to anyone in need of top-quality development services. They are a group of dedicated developers who truly understand the needs of their clients and the industry. They are fast, reliable, and have excellent communication skills. The working atmosphere is great, and they consistently deliver fresh ideas and innovative solutions to problems. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them. Maybe one of the best collaborations in my career. ❤️😊

    — Renato Nenadić, Product Owner, Helioz Technologies
  • Cyanic Lab handled to deliver the platform despite the nature of prototyping. The team communicated well and was flexible in meetings. They were collaborative, and their decent code quality was impressive in the workflow.

    — Eric Heung, CTO at Chartipedia
  • After our first week, it's been easy to find trust in this company.

    — Benjamin Sernji, Founder at Digital Generalist OÜ
  • They are professional, good listeners, and offer good comments about requests, and committed to finishing the project. Great guys overall.

    — Robinson Nunez, President, Founder at Bostel Communication
  • Jas, Thank you for your work, you are very helpful and it was a pleasure to cooperate! I hope that we can collaborate again soon on something else.

    — Sofia Rrighetti, Company Owner at Stripez
  • Very professional, willing to listen, good command of English and committed to completing the job, HIGHLY recommend working with them

    — Martin Peet, IT professional

Most Preferred Laravel Development Services We Offer

  • Laravel CRM Development
  • CMS Development
  • Package Development
  • Laravel Development Solution for Startups
  • Lumen Development
  • Laravel eCommerce App Development
  • Portal Development
  • Integration & Customization
  • Laravel Restful App Development
  • Laravel Social Networking Solution
  • Laravel Customization
  • Laravel Shopping Cart

Optimize Your Web Applications' Performance with Our Talented Laravel Developers

With CyanicLab, you can hire Laravel developers who will work under your charge. Our skilled developer will work like your team according to your timezone.

Delivered technology excellent using top frameworks like Angular, React, AlpineJs, Vue, and RoR in various projects.

Our Full Stack Laravel developer is proficient at interacting with MicroServices and performing serverless deployment.

Well-versed in security aspects from the end-user to the server side.

In-depth understanding of Echo, Lumen, Spark, TALL stack, Livewire, Valet, Horizon, Sanctum, and more.

Expertise in integrating payment gateways such as Stripe, Authorize, PayPal, etc.

Proficient in Laravel Blade Components, Airlock, Routing Speed, and integration of 3rd party APIs.

Hire the Top Laravel Developers in 3 Simple Steps

CyanicLab helps you find the top Larvel developer in 3 simple steps. We have a vast pool of talented developers, so you can find the one who perfectly matches your requirements.

Tell Us Your Requirements

What are the expectations from Laravel developers? Let us know, so we can help you find the developers who have the expertise to meet those expectations.

Choose the Finest Talent

We handpick the best Laravel developers for your projects. You can review their resume to choose the best developer with the skills and experience needed for your project.

Onboard Your Developer

Once you have decided whom to hire, we’ll take care of the onboarding process for you to ensure developers can start working on your project as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Cyanic Lab, we have a vast pool of Laravel developers like junior, mid-level, and senior. You can find the developer with the right experience required for your project.

We have strict security measures like signing NDAs, enabling only authorized personnel to access project information, and using encrypted communication channels. With us, your project’s confidential information is 100% protected.

If your application performs poorly, our team of developers will analyze the problem to dig deep into the root cause. Our experienced developers will work with you to implement effective solutions to optimize the performance of your application. Our post-deployment maintenance and support services can also upgrade your application to the latest Laravel version to improve performance.

Fret not, your satisfaction is our guiding principle. With no questions asked, we will replace the developer, and take other measures to make sure your experience with us remains satisfying.

At Cyanic Lab we have different engagement options to cater to the diverse needs of our clients from startups to large enterprises. We have the following engagement options; Dedicated developers, Hourly basis, Fixed based.

We are compatible with using any of the project management tools recommended by the client including Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, etc. Let us know which tool you are comfortable using, and we will start using the same.
Jas Khatri
CEO, Founder Cyanic Lab

As the CEO of Cyanic Lab, I bring a passion for technology and a drive for innovation to the table. My extensive experience in the tech industry has honed my leadership skills and allowed me to build a company that delivers cutting-edge software solutions to clients.