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Dream big, create boldly. We are Cyanic Lab, a leading software company offering various IT services, from startup to SaaS development. From ideation to deployment and beyond, we’re your partners in understanding your challenges and seizing opportunities. With us, settling for less isn’t an option. Let’s propel your business toward greatness.

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We are Cyanic Lab, pioneers of the digital frontier. We offer software development for startups and businesses in various industries. Our team creates innovative and impactful solutions that save you maintenance costs and increase your revenue.

Startup development

You are an aspirational entrepreneur who wants to solve a problem, make an impact, and change the world. It involves various stages from conceptualization, prototyping, MVP development, testing, launching, and scaling. Getting through each stage can be challenging, so you need a reliable startup development company. We work with you from ideation to launch beyond helping you seize success.

Web development

A website is a powerful medium to communicate, collaborate, and create experiences. Whether you want to build an eCommerce website, education platform, social network site, single page application, progressive web application, or complex enterprise web app, our professional web development services are adapted to your specific requirements following the latest technologies frameworks and methodologies.


In today’s time, users' attention spans are shorter, and UI/UX design plays a key role in building the first impression that stays with users. As a leading web design company in Sweden, We understand the importance of and strive to create designs that are intuitive, functional, and engaging. With a user-centric design approach, we ensure every element we design enhances user experience and drives engagement

Mobile development

Build a next-gen business that reaches and captivates the burgeoning smartphone users. Today people spend significant time on their smartphones, so putting your business on a mobile app is a great idea. Ready to bring your app idea to life? Partner with Cyanic Lab to Hire our dedicated developers to transform your vision into a stunning and functional app.

Saas development

Adapt the modern approach to software development leveraging the power of the cloud. With Saas development company, you can save time, money, and resources while quickly responding to changing market conditions. We design, develop, test, deploy, and manage your SaaS solution using top-tier cloud platforms and technologies providing a blend of superior customer experience, and operational efficiency.
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Software Development

As an offshore custom software development company, we bring your ideas to life with a human touch. We are your dedicated software development partner, working closely with you to understand your goals and deliver tailored solutions. We prioritize transparent communication and quality, ensuring a seamless collaboration that transcends distances.

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Hire On-Demand Developers

The IT industry is booming, but the shortage of software developers remains a significant challenge. If you've recently tried to hire full-time IT experts, you know this all too well but, Cyanic Lab is here to help with your projects. Enhance your team's capacity to manage big workloads or bring in experienced senior developers to tackle technical challenges.

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Our Valuable Clients

A mutually beneficial relationship is our emphasis. From startups to large enterprises across industries, we esteem ourselves for working with some of the most groundbreaking and fortunate companies in the world.

Why Our Clients See Us As a Reliable Long-Term Partner

At Cyanic Lab, we believe in technology's potential to transform businesses. Seeing the success our clients experience and making a difference in their businesses motivates us. Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

  • Cyanic Lab is a very reliable partner — they've proven capable of providing the right solutions to problems in a timely manner. What's more, they've been proactive in coming up with their own ideas and asking for feedback. The team is also flexible, optimistic, and organised.

    — Robin Henriksson, CEO at Encyon AB
  • Cyanic Lab is not just the service delivery company. They actively participated in the brainstorming, and produced very creative and great solutions. They acted as they are part of the company and cared that we do things properly and in the most optimized way.

    — Mladen Sudar, CVO, Helioz Technologies
  • Cyanic Lab delivered a functional platform. Cyanic Lab's team delivered on time and was responsive to the client's needs. The client also praised the team's availability and commitment to their work.

    — Erik Krantz, CEO at Kreativa
  • They demonstrate excellent communication and programming skills.

    — Ville Rontti, Company Owner at HD SofT
  • I highly recommend Cyanic Lab and their team, led by Jas Khatri to anyone in need of top-quality development services. They are a group of dedicated developers who truly understand the needs of their clients and the industry. They are fast, reliable, and have excellent communication skills. The working atmosphere is great, and they consistently deliver fresh ideas and innovative solutions to problems. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them. Maybe one of the best collaborations in my career. ❤️😊

    — Renato Nenadić, Product Owner, Helioz Technologies
  • Cyanic Lab handled to deliver the platform despite the nature of prototyping. The team communicated well and was flexible in meetings. They were collaborative, and their decent code quality was impressive in the workflow.

    — Eric Heung, CTO at Chartipedia
  • After our first week, it's been easy to find trust in this company.

    — Benjamin Sernji, Founder at Digital Generalist OÜ
  • They are professional, good listeners, and offer good comments about requests, and committed to finishing the project. Great guys overall.

    — Robinson Nunez, President, Founder at Bostel Communication
  • Jas, Thank you for your work, you are very helpful and it was a pleasure to cooperate! I hope that we can collaborate again soon on something else.

    — Sofia Rrighetti, Company Owner at Stripez
  • Very professional, willing to listen, good command of English and committed to completing the job, HIGHLY recommend working with them

    — Martin Peet, IT professional

Awards & Recognition

Being recognized as the top innovator in delivering excellence through state-of-the-art technologies led us to receive prestigious industry awards and recognition. These accolades testify to our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceeding customer expectations.

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We're all about building lasting partnerships and boosting your business in today's ever-changing digital landscape. Our goal is to keep you in sync with the latest trends and provide solutions that genuinely enhance your business.

Our creative team is always digging into the digital world, understanding both the business side and the tech stuff to bring you innovative solutions.

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